Octubre, 2007

October, 2007

This is a shopwindow which is based on the lightness of structures and transparency. The main element is the Nomos table designed by Norman Foster in 1986, an international young design icon with the particularity that it was created as a piece of office furniture; thanks to its versatility it can be used as a meeting table, an office desk, a reception table, or as a dining table in a house. We also display another piece which perfectly fits with the previous text, except for “young icon,” since this chair was designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1958. In this case the seat is made of a white mesh which makes it even lighter. On the table, as if they were clouds or a futuristic city skyline, we have placed a collection of vases designed by Alvar Aalto, which were presented at the Exposition Internationale in Paris in 1937. Inspired by nature, their mysterious shape totally clashed with the thinking of that time which mainly focused on machines. Aalto thought that it was possible to change that idea of industrialisation by combining the knowledge of designers and craftsmen.