Letrero antiguo de Casa SIRVENT

On the 10th August 1940, after his experience in the Spanish branch of the American company Underwood, Alfredo Sirvent opened a typewriter repair shop at Calle Velázquez Moreno 37, Vigo.
In the sixties, Sirvent had already become an emblematic shop in the city, where different typewriter related services were provided, such as typing lessons, typewriter rental, annual vouchers for maintenance services at home, typed or duplicated copies, and full restoration of all kinds of office machines.
When his sons Alfredo, José, Ricardo, Luis and Juan joined the company, it gained a new dimension with the diversification of its business activities, since they started to sell furniture and all types of office machines, and they also opened a branch at Avenida de las Camelias 24.
In 1978, the enterprise became a private limited company, SIRVENT, S.L. – its current firm name.
At the beginning of the eighties, the company started to commercialise and sell home furniture in its new premises at Gran Vía 120. Here is where a new line of business was developed, with furniture which was clearly chosen according to contemporary and design criteria. All the modern classics were included, and it undoubtedly followed the path of the Bauhaus.
On the 15th June 2005, when the company moved to its new premises in the same street, at Gran Vía 129, just opposite to its previous establishment, the image of the company succeeded at being fully identified with the characteristics of its product, combining the result of the sober architecture of its new building with the demanding rigour of the furniture selected for sale.
In recent years, the company has developed several projects which have always been intended to disseminate the culture by focusing on design. At the end of the eighties, Sirvent developed the first exhibition ever of Zanotta furniture in the peninsula. It has also displayed furniture by Salvador Dalí, organised a solo exhibition of works by Afra and Tobia Scarpa, a lecture, a presentation and an exhibition on Cassina furniture, among many other projects.
In 2011, and due to an even stronger commitment to design and art, Sirvent has developed a new project, Espacio SIRVENT, which is intended to become a discussion forum for everything regarding the relationship and limits between art and design.
Nowadays SIRVENT is considered a benchmark company, thanks to its work in all the Iberian Peninsula, and it plays an important role in Portugal.